Synergies are when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. They are memorable events, inspirational teams or magical moments in our lives when everything works better than usual – like being ‘in the zone’. The specialness arises from all of the parts working well together to achieve a shared purpose. People feel more fully themselves and part of something bigger

Synergy at the 2012 Olympics – individual petals create the cauldron


Ecological design inspired by interconnected wholeness


Peak performance – rowers in synch with each other, the boat and the water


Working together – Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them (Einstein)

Creating Synergies and You.

Imagine the shift into a higher gear that is possible for you or your group.

Creating Synergies designs specific programmes tailored to your needs that blend elements of facilitation, consultancy, research and coaching.

Whether you’re an individual struggling with a challenge or wanting to realise more of your potential; a group needing to learn how to work collaboratively, value diversity or have courageous conversations; an organisation wanting to embrace creativity and staff wellbeing or ensuring its outcomes are closely aligned with their vision; or a community seeking a better future together …

Creating Synergies can help to

  • Turn challenges into learning opportunities.
  • Face the elephant in the room.
  • Have meaningful and courageous conversations.
  • Access optimal functioning and greater, creativity through collaboration.
  • See the ‘whole’ situation and its complexity to find joined-up solutions that work for all.


It was a delightful session and you were a graceful and present facilitator—I could use you in a lot more situations!! … Meg Wheatley

And Gill was simply extraordinary. I so loved working with her. She's a gem … Brian Swimme

Gill Wyatt is the best facilitator I have ever come across. She knows when to sit back and when to move things on. And she is intelligent and likeable …Clare Short

Gill managed the group as a whole, being aware of the process of each individual and how that impacted us as a group, I doubt I’m aware of half of what she needed to do. What I do know is that the result has been a smooth and coherent journey. … Becky Sangster, participant